1. Retain the original sale bill and the Warranty Card, which should be shown to our Service Personnel for Scrutiny at our Customer Care Centres or during Home Service.
  2. You can choose to register your product at www.aufla.in/register to avail service even without warranty card.
  3. The Warranty does not cover damages due to mishandling, negligence, breakage, cracking or denting.
  4. All repairs (arising from manufacturing defects) within the Warranty period will be done ‘Free of Charge’. There will be no charges for components or labour, except for travel charges in case of Home Service.
  5. For repairs after the expiry of the Warranty period, nominal charges will be applicable for the components replaced. There will be no charges for labour, except for travel charges in case of Home Service.
  6. Free service and replacement under Warranty does not extend the term of Warranty in any manner.
  7. The Warranty is valid only in the country of purchase.
  8. Defective components which are exchanged or replaced both under ‘Chargeable’ & ‘Free of Charge’ basis become the property of the Company to avoid inappropriate usage.
  9. If the product is tampered with or opened by any unauthorised person, the Warranty is void.
  10. Warranty is void if the product meant for domestic use is used for any other purpose.
  11. Service beyond the period of Warranty is subject to availability of spares.
  12. Home Service is applicable for select products only.
  13. For any service related queries, please call +91 735088 5757

Warranty Card

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