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The joy of cooking lies in the flavours achieved.

The authenticity of your mother’s recipes; the aroma that tempted you; the tempering that filled the house with a sweet, spicy smell – all added up to the irresistible taste and flavours.

Fast forward to the present, where youngsters neither have the time nor the patience to accomplish the desirable flavours! Stuck with work and other hassles, most cannot accommodate regular cooking into their busy schedules, let alone execute elaborate traditional recipes!

Today, most of us seek ways to get things done quickly and conveniently. Eliminate time-consuming, effort-mongering, elaborate procedures from your kitchen. Here is a range that helps even amateurs bring out the best flavours in the food they cook! Because all we need is a little touch of automation, to create authentic automatic flavours. Have the best of it with AUFLA. 


“Cooking is an experience. It is easy and fun with Aufla!”
About ChefChef. Shobha Indani

A Diploma graduate in Hotel Management, she is known for having created a variety of indigenous and international vegetarian dishes. After continuous experimenting, she has modified her recipes to perfection.

She has dedicated the last three decades to demonstrating her cookery across the globe. She has also authored several books in Hindi that have received tremendous response. Her books have also been released in English on demand. The one-month cooking course she conducts in Pune is one-of-its-kind and has helped several young girls who were able to build a successful career in the sector.

Chef Indani has been bestowed with various awards for her contribution to the field. Her name has also made its way to the Golden Book of World Records for teaching more than 3900 women to cook 100 dishes simultaneously.

Aufla is proud to have collaborated with Chef Indani to experiment with our endless possibilities to create unique recipes. Find a special cookery book with each of our products!

Books written by her

Svaad Sugandh

Svaad Sajja


Svaad Rozaana

Svaad Suhana

Celebration Cooking

Svaad Videshi

Svaad Sangam

Kitchen Simplified

Aufla’s devices and utensils have a singular purpose – to make cooking easier, quicker and convenient. We have embarked on a mission to simplify kitchens with our technology-driven products that bring value and aesthetics along with better flavours to your kitchen!


Aufla’s innovative designs are rooted deeply in function. Each of our technology-driven utensils and electronic cooking devices are inspired by one sole purpose – making cooking a simpler, easier and fulfilling experience! Aufla is also dedicated to adding aesthetic value to your kitchen.


Aufla provides quality kitchen utensils and electronic cooking devices that are reliable and safe to use. All technology inspired materials used are safe guarded with mechanical and electronic safety measures. The usage of food-grade materials also assures health safety.


Each of Aufla’s products is assured to be safe for usage. They are sure to offer hassle-free services for years on end. However, should you experience any defects or difficulty in usage, Aufla’s dedicated customer support team is equipped to provide quick door-step repairs and replace defective products within the warranty period.

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